Transforming your home...

Into a buyer's dream home...

With proven home staging methods.

Love the look of Staged to Sell? Now you can bring it home. We’ve all been spending more time at home, and are ready for a space that is both functional for living and beautiful. There are several ways you can bring our look home:

Staging for Living

Staging for Living – 2 hour service, $300

  • Using your things in a new way
  • Our stylists come into your home and address your areas of concern.
  • We work for 2 hours and design your space for living, using your things.
  • We will even bring in a few items from our warehouse to provide examples or give you the option to purchase these items. We bring the shopping to you! You can even make specific requests for what we will bring!
  • Perfect solution for homeowners trying to make existing furniture and accessories work in their new homes.

Shop our look

  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our current pieces for sale.
  • Shop our Staged to Sell Store, located within our warehouse, at one of our monthly sales, or schedule your own personal shopping experience.
  • We’ve curated new accessories and furniture just for you in our store. Plus, we sell items we previously used in our vacant stagings.


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