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Julie Helton

Carol Ann and I met at church a few years ago. We became good friends and spent a great deal of our free time together. We realized that we both had a passion for decorating and for helping people. A few years ago, Carol Ann started to talk to me about starting a new business together.

My husband and I had owned a business for 17 years, and I did feel ready to branch out into something of more personal interest to me. I enjoyed the many aspects of running our own business and over the years acquired the skills associated with business ownership – including customer service, management, financial as well as technical.

Carol Ann and I decided to launch the business, Staged to Sell in the Spring of 2013 and I am now able to apply my business skills to something I’m passionate about – decorating and helping people. I can’t believe the great success that we have already experienced. To date, our staged homes are beating the national average for time on the market! The national average for a staged home on the market is 36 days. The average time on the market for a Staged to Sell home is only 30 days! Unbelievable!

Carol Ann Wolf

“Carol Ann has been decorating since she was a kid” according to her mother. It’s true, I’ve always had a strange passion for rearranging furniture and making a room “feel” right.

My husband has had to bear with me on many vacations until I get the condo or rental house just right. I have completely staged these properties, only to have to put everything back at the end of the vacation to keep from forfeiting the security deposit.

Friends and family have been victims of my obsessions over the years. After having talked enough friends into “letting” me rearrange and decorate their homes, they suggested I start my own business. That is how Carol Ann’s Designs was started in Detroit. The business was a success and I was having fun getting paid to fulfill my passions. After decorating a client’s home, she suggested that I stage a model apartment where she was a sales manager. It was a lot of fun to do, and the client was amazed at what I was able to do with the apartment. She asked me to stage more models at other complexes. Just as I was beginning this new and exciting avenue with my business, my husband’s job took us to Germany for three years.

Now that we’ve returned from Europe, I have decided to get back into the business of decorating – with an emphasis on Home Staging. With Julie Helton as my partner, I’m confident in our success. We are thrilled to have already experienced better numbers than even we anticipated – our staged homes are beating the national average for time on the market! It’s incredibly gratifying to know that we have helped people to sell their homes FASTER and for more MONEY so that they can move on to their new lives!


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