Why Stage Your Home


Your Home Will Sell Faster

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, found the longer a property stays on the market, the lower the price it will bring.  Staged To Sell prepared homes sell on average in 19 days. We will help get your home sold before price drops are taken!

You Will Get a Good Return on Your Investment

A National Association of Realtors found that a 1%-3% investment on Home Staging yields an 8-10% return!  So essentially, there is no cost to Stage – only the benefit of selling more quickly and for more money.

Your Online Photos Will Stand Out

90% of potential home – buyers conduct their property search on the internet.  You will make the “CUT” with outstanding pictures.

What is Staging?

Staging is NOT decorating – it is Marketing. Much like detailing your car, Staging is making your home shine and look as though it is “drive in” ready!

The purpose of staging is to accentuate the positive features of the house that is being sold. Our goal is to turn every house into a model home – like something they might see in a magazine – regardless of its age. When walking into the house, buyers need to feel like it could be theirs to move into tomorrow. They do NOT need to feel like they are intruding in your home. The house you are selling needs to become a house that will appeal to the majority of buyers out there!

Staging is taking the focus off of the furnishings and curtains and possible clutter that are in a house, and places the focus back on the actual house and it’s great features. Many times, great features are never noticed in a home that is not Staged. Curb appeal, inside and out, is what it’s all about. Your house needs to be displayed, so that it grabs the attention of someone that sees it online, someone that drives by, and everyone that walks in the door!

Staging will likely give you one of the best returns on investment of any change you can make to your home (according to 2003 Home Gain Survey).

Why Stage?

To sell quickly and for MORE MONEY. Research proves that for every month a home is on the market, it decreases in value by 1 % due to lack of interest, perceived problems with the home and price drops. For a $200,000 home, that is the equivalent of a $2,000 loss every month. That does NOT include mortgage, utilities and taxes.

When to Stage?

Our own statistics prove that staging PRIOR TO EVER LISTING gives the best results for a QUICK sale. However, ALL homes can benefit from staging – it is the equivalent of detailing a car when trying to sell it.

VACANT HOMES benefit greatly by staging. Empty rooms appear smaller than furnished rooms and vacant homes do not give the “I’m home” feel.

HOMES WITH AWKWARDLY SIZED ROOMS benefit by showing how the rooms can be furnished. The fear factor is removed.

OWNER OCCUPIED HOMES benefit by enhancing the best features of the home and downplaying the worst features. Also the “personality” of the homeowner is removed by decluttering and removing unusual decor, personal pictures and out of date furnishings and accessories.


Staged to Sell has partnered with Zoom Casa to help you prepare your client’s home for sale. Our goal is to help you execute the most lucrative sale possible, and to do with fewer days on market . Zoom Casa is a concierge platform for home sellers offered by professional real estate agents and stagers. Together we provide painless solutions with no cash out of pocket that ensure your listings sell for top dollar, faster. Smart agents use Zoom Casa as a tool to differentiate themselves and win more listings.

Professional home staging is not simply about installing furniture. It is the selection of tasteful furnishings, catered to your listing and to buyers’ emotions, done in a way that maximizes the apparent size of each room while conveying an aspirational look and feel . It suggests a lifestyle that prospective buyers can aspire to, enabling them to emote to what they see and encouraging them to buy in immediately. This emotional response gives you leverage and helps you sell your listing faster for a higher price. Staged to Sell has an expert eye and years of experience staging homes in a manner that creates a highly desirable living space and maximizes the apparent value of the property.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average staging investment is 1% of a home’s asking price and increases a home’s sales price by 3%. For a property listed at $250,000, a 3% increase in sales price equates to $7,500, representing in a 200% return on investment, all while increasing traffic and reducing the time your listing is on the market .
With Zoom Casa, professional home staging services require no upfront payment, no cash out of pocket – subject to certain terms and conditions. Staging costs do not come out of your commission and you do not have to convince your client to spend several thousand dollars up front. Zoom Casa puts real money in your pocket – at no expense to you – and drives your performance metrics.

Professional staging companies on Zoom Casa’s platform are vetted for education, skill, and experience, and they maintain all prudent insurance coverages. They are typically accredited from one of the major staging industry associations, and have demonstrated a proven track record of creating value for home sellers by maximizing sales prices and reducing days on market . Staged to Sell staged properties “feel” like an upscale home, like a place where you’d really want to live.

We’re the edge that gives you an advantage.
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Higher offers up to


Sells 50% faster


Spend less time on the market an avg


Sold faster than non staged by over

“After almost 10 months on the market, after the staging we got a full price offer within 2 weeks!”

Tonya Antonevich

Home Owner