Vacant Home Staging

Owners of vacant properties may quickly find themselves hemorrhaging cash on a monthly basis. Taxes, utilities, double mortgage payments, opportunity cost, and declining interest from buyers combine to make selling a vacant property a very expensive option.

And most people are unaware that for every month that their home is on the market, it is losing 1 percent of it’s value. For a $200,000 home, that’s $2,000 per month! It is vital that you sell your home quickly and Staged to Sell knows how to help you do just that!

Whether it is an older home or new construction, staging your vacant home will fill it with the warmth and attractiveness buyers are searching for!  It will provide that “Home” vs ‘House” feel that is required for the seller to fall in love in those first seconds that they are in the home.   Statistically, vacant homes sell on average in 6 months. However,  Staged Vacant homes sell on average in 30 days!  We will help you to get as much as you can out of your home, as quickly as possible. We will evaluate which rooms should be staged, always trying to keep the number to the minimum required.  Generally, we recommend the main living spaces as well as the Master Suite be staged in vacant properties.

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