Owner Occupied Home Staging

In Phase One of our Owner Occupied Staging plan, we will arm you with recommendations that will make your property more marketable. We will provide you with a Home Staging Report (cost $225.00). This report includes recommendations that sometimes include painting, furniture removal, furniture relocation, wallpaper removal, landscape spruce up, repairs, cleaning, etc.

In Phase Two, we continue to work with you and stage the home after the pre-staging tasks have been completed. We sometimes recommend some furniture rental at this point and we also provide additional accessories that are current to enhance your space.

We try our best to first use only the existing decor when staging your home. We have our own inventory of furniture and accessories, should additional decor be needed. These items are rented on a per item basis while the home is staged and being shown. Estimates can be made on a case by case basis .

We also work with credible contractors, painters, etc. that we will put you in contact with, should you need them.

WHATEVER the desired price range for your home may be, Statistics show staged homes sell faster and for MORE MONEY!

Try out the Home Staging Calculator to see your personal savings


Higher offers up to


Sells 50% faster


Spend less time on the market an avg of


Sold faster than non staged by over

Carol Ann’s vision for making a house a home is amazing. Her talent led to an immediate sale for my listing in Hawk’s Cove with a 99% return on the price. This listing previously experienced a 390 day marketing time compared to Carol Ann’s magic touch of only 38 days from list to close!!! Thank you Carol Ann Wolf – you will always be a part of my marketing team.

Linda Brock

Prudential Realtor

The problem with the way we decorate our homes is that we are so very personal about it. Prospective buyers get distracted; they start to feel like they are intruding into someone else’s space. What sellers want is for the buyers to feel like they are walking into something that is already theirs. They also want to minimize the negatives and accentuate the positives.

Karen Gram

The Vancouver Sun