Who has not said this after living in your house for a while? You have all these ideas of what you are going to do when you purchase your home. You watch HGTV and you can demo a wall, right? You can tear wallpaper down and paint, right? You can do any DIY project once the kids are in school. Okay, maybe when they are married and you are empty nesters, huh? Now that those rooms have become the catch all rooms (the place where the other socks go, the tupperware lids, maybe); all I know is that room is still there and you still don’t even want to look at it.

Did you know that Staged to Sell doesn’t JUST stage a home to sell? We also STAGE FOR LIVING! The reviews are in, and over and over again we have been challenged to make the most hated room in the house THE place to be!  

Even if you don’t hate the room…you may just not know what to do with it. We are up for the challenge. We refresh your room! We can do this with your items OR we can bring in cool accessories, lamps, pillows, rugs to make it feel like it is a brand new room, We can do all the rooms in your house, or we can just tackle one room in your house. What’s even better? The cost. The initial investment is only $300. How do we do it for so low? We start by using what you have in new ways. 

Client Testimonial

“An amazing team of talented individuals. Their design and decor exceeded my expectations. What a wonderful team to work with. Thank you, thank you, l am totally delighted.” J. Winter

We have a crew on board that love to shop for bargains. Our crew also love to look through your closets, garage and cabinets for those things that you stuff away because you never knew what to do with, like that vase or plate or throw that Aunt Hilda gave you all those years ago. Sometimes we can make those items work in your house!  If we can’t find a great spot for it, maybe Aunt Hilda’s gift needs to be passed on to another person that would claim it as a treasure, and let us bring in some awesome accessory that will transform your room. 

That’s who we are, we are room transformers! Let us come into your home and transform your spaces into places you love. We create places you do want to sit and be cozy in. Winter and cold weather are just around the corner and we find that is when homeowners are stuck inside and that whole “I want to move because I no longer love this place” starts happening! We can change that feeling in just a few hours. Maybe you don’t have to demo a wall or remove the wallpaper. Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes to see what you can’t see!

The best part about this service, we really use the items that are special to you. Truly saving you thousands in the long run. Call us today at 423-883-5030 to schedule your staging for living appointment.