Look at us doing a blog – we’ve decided to put our toe in the blog waters and see how it goes – bear with us to see if we nail this or sink like a rock in the river.

We have been hanging in the staging world for about 10 years. So hard to believe! We truly started out as a let’s see how it goes kind of plan, and here we are. Now, we even have a store, people! Yes, you heard it correctly, we’ve set aside part of our 20,000 square foot warehouse for a store. Check out some of the pictures below.

If we truly admitted it, we would have never dreamed that we’d be here 10 years later and that we would have employees, better known as friends! We have had so many ups and downs. We have said many times–boom we are killing it to then turn around and say how do we get off this train–make it stop: HAHA!

While you are here checking out our blog (and we can hardly believe it), take a look around our new website. We are expanding our services: you know us primarily for home staging, but we offer staging for living and are hosting once a month sales at our Warehouse Store!

In future blogs, we will be sharing funny stories, hacks, and asking for your feedback on different ideas we are thinking about. You are the reason we are here; You are the reason that we love what we do!

Thanks for taking a peek at our newest adventure!