On of the hottest investment trends right now are Short Term Rentals. Did you know the greater Chattanooga area has over 300 STR units on Airbnb alone? How do you make your listing stand out above the rest? The answer is simple: the photos.

Sounds pretty easy, but why would a potential guest stop on your listing, and even more importantly book your listing? The photos are what draw them in and at Staged to Sell Chattanooga, we know a thing or two about design for on-listing photos. We couldn’t be more excited to have jumped right into Airbnb and VRBO design.

This month, rather than sharing with you a specific property highlight, we are sharing before and after pictures of two of our favorite short term rental (STR) projects.

The first is located in Bridgeport, AL and this is what we call an Airbnb in a day. Yes, we really set up this property in just one day!  After a site visit, our team designed the space and in just one day this place was set up with all of the furniture, bedding, and décor needed. For the busy investor, this is a true time saver!

The Groovy Nomad, located in Trenton, GA

The second project was for The Groovy Nomad, located in Trenton, Georgia, near Cloudland Canyon State Park. This was really a team effort with the owners. They designed the place and we shopped for and installed the accessories to complete the look. We are absolutely in love with the funky vibes of this fun Airbnb!

How do you make your STR stand out above the competition?

Since listing photos are so key for Airbnb and VRBO hosts, we also offer an affordable refresh using what you already have, but arranging it for the those key photo moments. We come into your space, use what you have (sometimes even removing things) and create a fresh look ready for new guests. Ready to increase your bookings? Call us today at 423-883-5030 to set up your appointment.