Sometimes you just need some fast creative muscle to get the job done. This is where Power Staging comes into play. This is a real game changer in getting a house ready to hit the market FAST.

How fast: just 2 to 3 hours! That’s right, this occupied service really does work magic in a short amount of time. Plus, you know that every change we make in that short amount of time will have a significant impact on both your listing photos and first impressions when prospective sellers walk in the door. Before and after transformation below: 

When should you use a Power Stage instead of a consultation? The consultation is perfect if your sellers have a lot to do and have time to get it done (plus, it is great for DIYers). However, if you need the house to go on the market ASAP and it’s nearly there, just not picture perfect, then a Power Stage is what you need. 

Think of the busy family off to work and school. They rush out the door every day and come home exhausted. Imagine if while they are out, their house is transformed into a market-ready house. Furniture placement is key for showing off the house as in the before and after below: 

Here are just a few examples of what we do during a Power Staging:

  • Re-make and steam the beds for better photography.

  • Clear away clutter or small items that will photograph as clutter.

  • Rearrange furniture (doesn’t include large-scale items).

  • Remove and/or re-hang artwork for better photographs.

  • Carefully arrange items in the most marketable way possible so they highlight the features of the home.

  • If an item doesn’t add value to the home, we remove it.

We know so many of you who rush into your clients’ homes just before photography and quickly remove or rearrange items. We can take this task off of your plates, allowing you precious time to focus on landing the next sale!  Plus, everything we touch, remove, and rearrange is carefully thought out so you get the best-looking listing possible with what the seller already has in place. 

Let us help you take a load off your and your sellers’ shoulders; call us today at 423-883-5030 to learn more about this amazing service.