Listing Info: Original List Price: $326,000 without staging and FSBO on May 30, 2021 | Staged: June 18 | Listed with Agent: July 16 | Under Contract: August 4th | Sold Price: $334,000
Realtor: The Mark Hite Team
Staging Level and Cost: 3 Room Classic Staging*, $2000
Client Feedback: “Staged to Sell staged my condo to help me sell it. They were dependable, creative, and professional. We were so happy with the results, we almost changed our minds about selling it. We would use them again and again! Client Julie Scott
*Staged To Sell has 3 different Staging Level/Price Points depending on the Price Point of the property we are staging.  

This month we are featuring a North Shore condo. Our seller, Julie, listed her condo vacant and as a for sale by owner. At Staged to Sell Chattanooga we truly believe that it takes 3 things to sell a house at top dollar in any market: 1) price, 2) presentation (that’s where we come in), and 3) promotion.

Our client had a great product in a great location, it was just missing the three P’s of selling. She listed her condo on May 30th and received little response. We staged it on June 18, and shortly after, she went under contract. However, that offer fell through; we all know there are no guarantees in real estate!

At this point it was time for our client to list with an agent. This is where pricing and promotion come in! On July 16th the agent listed the condo and an offer was received on August 4th. Julie sold her condo for $334,000; so much higher than she originally had hoped for!

Our design approach to Julie’s condo was to create a high-end look, while keeping it neutral so that the views outside could take centerstage.

Look for our next monthly feature to see more stats and before & after pics. Want to see one of your listings featured here? Let us know, as we’d love to partner with you to share your success story.