Staging for Realtors

Tells your Seller that you are up-to-date in current marketing strategies.

“I offer a Home Staging Consultation as a standard part of my Listing Services.”

“ A Professional Home Stager will be able to give us both an unbiased opinion about how the house the will be perceived by potential buyers.”

“The Home Stager that I use is fully Licensed and Insured.”

 The National Association of Realtors found in a study that Realtors believe Staging makes an impact in several ways:

  • 81 percent said staging helps buyers visualize the property as a future home, while 46 percent said it makes prospective buyers more willing to walk through a home they saw online.
  • Forty-five percent said a home decorated to a buyer’s tastes positively impacts its value.
  • 37 percent of sellers’ agents surveyed said staging raises the value of the property by 1 to 5 percent. But nearly a quarter — 22 percent — put the gain somewhere in the 6-10 percent range. And 12 percent said the dollar value of a staged home jumps from 11 to 20 percent.

Differentiate your services from other agents free_estimate_listing255

by adding professional home staging services

to your marketing package.


Help your sellers realize a faster, more profitable sale.

What about pictures for the MLS?

Research proves that 90% of homes are found by internet searches. It’s vital that your homes make the cut when buyers are searching the internet. We include professional pictures with all of our staged homes. In nearly all cases, the SELLER pays for these professional pictures!

What Builders have we worked with?

Several Builders we have worked with were:

  • Morgan Construction
  • Stephen Henry Construction
  • Ralph Matthews Construction
  • K & M Builder and Developer
  • Greentech Homes
  • RCS Construction
What Realtors have we worked with?

Realtors we’ve worked with include:

  • Kelly Cooper
  • Natalie and David Henson
  • Linda Brock
  • Andy Hodes
  • Vicki Henderson
  • The Property Brothers of Chattanooga
  • Liz Reinsel
  • Brenda Sims
  • Grace Frank
  • Lynn Hitchcock
  • Cindy Yawn
  • Sue Shaw
  • Mike Hibbet
  • Iris Rogers
  • Kelly Martin
  • Ryan Pierson
  • Nathan Waldorf
  • Mark Blazek
  • Joe Pleva
  • Paula Palmer
  • Jim Lea

just to name a few…

Carol Ann’s vision for making a house a home is amazing. Her talent led to an immediate sale for my listing in Hawk’s Cove with a 99% return on the price. This listing previously experienced a 390 day marketing time compared to Carol Ann’s magic touch of only 38 days from list to close!!! Thank you Carol Ann Wolf – you will always be a part of my marketing team.

Linda Brock

Prudential Realtor

“You guys are amazing . Your talent gives vision to prospective buyers. All the houses you have staged for us are under contract. Thanks so much ladies”

Kelly Jooma

K&M Construction


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