You’ve probably heard it a 1000 times, “Anything will sell in this market!” While that may be true, is everything selling for a top dollar price? Look at the kitchen below. It has what we call a date stamp on it. Just looking at it, one can guess that it was built in the ’80s or ’90s. How do your sellers respond to a house built in those decades? It’s not like saying, “we found this great home built in the 1920s,” right? They look at a kitchen like this and think project and money. Our job is to show them the potential of a home. We want them to see that this kitchen is worth buying. The size, space, and storage were amazing here. However, most buyers couldn’t see past the green paint, red island and red and white tile floor. The results speak for themselves on this one. Don’t leave money on the table. Call us today at 423-883-5030 for your free estimate!

Kitchen before & after. Paint is literally money in a can! This house sat vacant & on the market for 2 months before staging & paint. Under contract within 2 weeks of staging.