Did you know that when we are staging a room, we try to envision it through the lens of a camera? Why does this matter? Nearly all buyers start their home buying process on-line. These photos set the stage for the value a buyer sees in the property. It gives a room purpose. It also creates a visually appealing house that buyers can imagine themselves living in.

Additionally, our stagings work to enhance the features of the home. It’s these features that the buyers are paying for. We want them to stand out in the listing pictures and in person.

In the home pictured here, out designer took her cue from the fireplace, the rich brown color in the floors, and the black accents in the hardware and lighting.

With stagings, we immediately create additional value in a home. Let us bring this value to your next listing. Call us at 423-883-5030 for your free estimate. Don’t leave money on the table!