What does it take to have that ideal sale of a property? Simply put, the three P’s of selling: price, promotion, and presentation. A great real estate agent will bring these three pieces together. Where does staging come in? We are the presentation of the property.

How do you want your house presented to the future buyers? Do you want them to have to guess how to place furniture? Do you want them to look at it as a fixer upper? Or, do you want them to see your house and immediately feel at home?

As we mentioned last week in the first of our “Tuesday Tip” series, all homes have a price range. This is true even in a hot market when anything will sell. The question is, how fast will it sell and for how much? Below are two homes that we recently staged. The first closed in 2022 and the second at the end of 2021. When the right real estate agents brought together price, presentation, and promotion, these two homes sold within two weeks of staging.

On and off the makert for 13 months. Offer in less than 2 weeks after staging.

Two months on the market vacant. Painted and staged and under contract within two weeks!