How do we go from an empty room to a staged room? It’s a process and you’d be surprised to know that most of the work takes place before the final staging date. In this week’s Tuesday Tips Series we are walking you through that process. Staging a vacant space is essentially a 4-step process:

  1. CONSULT: We meet with you at the property and determine which rooms to stage. We then take pictures, measurements, and a walk through video.
  2. DESIGN: The lead designer begins her work in our 20,000 square foot warehouse. She goes through all of the notes, pictures, video’s, and measurements. She takes everything into consideration for the staging. By everything we mean wall and floor colors, fixture finishes, cabinets colors, style of the home, and who the target buyer is for that particular property. She then selects every item from our warehouse. Since our items are grouped by item type (lamps with lamps, sofas with sofas, etc), she is essentially moving throughout the warehouse creating each room as she goes. This makes every staged room unique.
  3. PACKING: After the each piece of furniture and décor is chosen for the rooms, the staging gets packed, labeled and placed in outbound. See our Facebook video to see this process live. 
  4. STAGING: The moving crew arrives early the day of staging and loads the truck. Everything is delivered to the property and placed in each room. From there, the unpacking begins and the design comes to life.

Below are some before and after photos of a recent model town home we just installed last week. 


With stagings, we immediately create additional value in a home. Let us bring this value to your next listing. Don’t leave money on the table! Finally, we invite you to be part of our Tuesday Tip Series. If you’d like to join us in sharing your real estate knowledge with our 2000+ Facebook followers, we’d love to feature you and tag you in our social media posts. Send us an email or call or text us at 423-883-5030; we’d love to hear your ideas!